• Weekly Services

    We take care of your pool on a weekly basis so you can enjoy using it more often. Our inclusive service takes care of brushing the walls, vacuuming the floor, emptying the skimmer and pump baskets, skimming the water surface and filter backwashing. - Starting at $95/mo this includes chlorine tabs and acid.

  • Repair Services

    We provide full service repair and maitenance. We specialize in pump, filter and heaters replacements

  • Service Days

    Weekly service fee is based on a 4 week month, if your service day falls into a 5 week month we will prorate and invoice service accordingly. If your service day falls on a holiday we will make every attempt to work it into another service day that same week, however we may not always be able to. As well, some weather conditions or vehicle or equipment circumstances beyond our control may also cause a missed service day periodically throughout the year.

    Price adjustments based on:

    Size of pool, age/condition of components, screened or open-air, chemical demand of pool, trees, shrubs, vegetation, access to pool.

  • Owner Responsibilities


    During summer months we need your filter system to run at least 8-hours each day of the week. Automatic water fill systems are your responsibility NOT that of Penguin Pools Service. If they malfunction your water bill is not the responsibility of Penguin Pools.


    Penguin Pools Service requests that pets be placed inside the home or otherwise secured on service days. We do our best to guarantee your pets safety while servicing your pool but we cannot be responsible for pets that escape during our service call. As well, we will not service your pool if "guarded" by a unfriendly dog left unrestrained. We ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding household pets.